Child Sponsorship FAQ2017-12-29T12:09:59-08:00
Where does my money go?2017-12-29T11:52:57-08:00

Your contribution is entrusted to the Chanje Movement, the humanitarian outreach of The Global Mission, a 501c3 nonprofit. Under our supervision, funds are spent locally in Haiti to provide essential needs for the children in our programs. We ensure that administrative expenses are kept to a minimum to maximize every dollar for the children you support.

How do sponsored children benefit?2017-12-29T12:06:07-08:00

We ensure that sponsored children have clean water, nutritious meals, education, healthcare and regular biblical input in a loving environment.

How do other children benefit?2017-12-29T12:06:34-08:00

Our stewardship allows us to build capacity to rescue endangered and homeless children who are not yet safely sheltered. Our “Next Child” sponsorship benefits these children.

What can I expect to receive from Chanje and my sponsored child?2017-12-29T12:06:58-08:00

Chanje will email you a quarterly newsletter and special updates on occasion. If you sponsor a specific child, you can expect to receive a note or drawing along with a thank you by mail each year. We also encourage you to follow the Chanje Movement on social media.

Can I become a sponsor by check? What about online banking?2017-12-29T12:07:27-08:00

To guarantee the children consistent support and keep administrative costs to a minimum, we require sponsors to use auto-pay by credit or debit card or bank transfer through our system.

Can I send letters or special gifts to my sponsored child?2017-12-29T12:07:50-08:00

Postal service to Haiti is extremely unreliable, and we are unable to ship or hand-carry personal gifts. However, you are welcome to email us a message that we can forward on.

How else can I participate? Can I visit my sponsored child?2018-02-26T16:06:13-08:00

We welcome your financial participation at any time, especially those that can meet the needs of an entire shelter (such as a generator, or a holiday party.) Visit chanje.org to designate an online gift. You can help raise funds and awareness through events such as our Chanje Golf Classic & Gala. Visits are allowed when participating with a scheduled team. Contact us for dates and an application.

I still have a question – what is your contact information?2017-12-29T12:08:59-08:00

You can email us at: sponsor@chanje.org

You can reach us by mail at: PO Box 80222 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

You can call us at: (949) 333-0500

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