I will change myself, I will change my community, I will change my world

03_Bottom_LeftChild Sponsorship

Through your generous monthly donations of $40, the children of Haiti have been given opportunities that they would not have otherwise received. They have been given access to basic necessities such as shelter, clean water, food, education, medical attention, and most importantly, they are consistently given the lifegiving truths of the Gospel. Thanks to your partnership with the Chanje Movement and your commitment to serve God’s children, 136 children have been sponsored to date. These are not only children who are currently living at Zanfan Lakay, but a number of these sponsorships are “The Next Child” (TNC) who will be living at Chanje Lakay. TNC are children that are currently living on the streets and have no way of caring for themselves. When a TNC is sponsored, children are taken off the streets and given a new life. God has been blessing our ministry thus far for both the child sponsorships and TNC sponsorships. However, we are still seeking to expand the work God is doing in the lives of those in Haiti.

$40 provides clean water, nutritious meals, education, healthcare and regular biblical input

You can help feed, teach and equip a new generation to bring change to their nation


Spotlight: Marie France Jean04_Top_Left

After much prayer, we are happy to call Marie France Jean as the new matron and house manager for Chanje Lakay. Her love for children is evident through her motherly heart and dedication to serve Christ. Prior to her employment with Chanje Lakay, Marie France adopted two children who, much like the children she will be caring for on a daily basis, were abandoned with no one to love or protect them. We admire her willingness to love those around her, but more importantly, we admire her love for Jesus and her dedication to fulfill The Great Commission while loving God’s children in a Christ-like manner.

During one of our interactions with Marie France, she shared this: “Teaching kids responsibility is not an easy job. To work with them you need to have love for them. And to understand responsibility for them, to have patience, to care for them when they’re hurt. Understand what the issue is behind the behavior. Love
them as if you’re their parent. They need rules to respect to follow.” We are so excited to see how God uses Marie France at Chanje Lakay. Please continue to pray for Marie France and Chanje Lakay as we continue this faith journey.

05_Bottom_RightChanje Lakay

We are so excited to announce the Chanje Movement’s new children’s shelter located in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. The shelter will be called “Chanje Lakay,” which translated means “House of Transformation.” What began as a vision after the last men’s trip in November quickly became a reality when a number of visionary donors from the November trip committed to sponsor and provide for Chanje Lakay. These generous donors, who had their hearts broken, have committed to providing for a full year’s worth of costs necessary for the shelter.

Through God’s grace, our generous donors, and your support of “The Next Child” (TNC), the Chanje Movement is able to rescue children abandoned and living on the streets of Haiti and give them a home. Children sponsored through TNC will find shelter, food, clean water, medical attention, education, and will hear the truth of God’s word on a daily basis at Chanje Lakay.

Currently, 9 children have been rescued off the streets and are living at Chanje Lakay with Marie France and the other staff members. Our prayer is that this shelter would provide a lasting change in the children as they mature and grow into adults who love the Lord and want to serve and honor Him with their lives.

We pray they would impact and initiate change to their nation. Join us as we continue this journey of faith in praying for the Chanje Lakay staff members, the children who will be living there, and our team as we seek to serve the Lord and share the Gospel to those who have never heard! (Read more about the Chanje Lakay staff in the Spotlight!)


August Haiti Trip06_Bottom_Left

This August, The Global Mission and the Chanje Movement are sending a team to serve the people of Haiti and bring the Gospel to those who have never heard. The team departs for a full week on August 7th. Their specific time in Haiti will be spent running THBS (Total Haitian Bible Sensation) for children in the city of Croix des Bouquets, at a church that has developed a deep and personal relationship with Crossline and the teams that have been to Haiti over the years.

Last year over 500 kids heard the good news of Jesus through THBS and 80 made first time commitments to follow Christ. The team will also be feeding the people of Haiti and evangelizing those they come in contact with. They will spend time in a “tent city” praying for miracles of healing and praying for the people living in these tents in any way they can. In addition, the team will be visiting Chanje Lakay and doing service projects in and around the community. They are still in need of funds and prayers as they head out on their trip. Please be in prayer for the safety of the team and for lives to be changed.


Chanje, pronounced “change” in English, or like the names “sean” “jay” in Creole, is the humanitarian outreach of The Global Mission. Our motto is “I will change myself, I will change my community, I will change my world.”

07_Bottom_RightThe Dorilas Family

Pastor Christmas and his wife Junie serve as church planters and missionaries in Haiti. Over the past three years, we have had the pleasure of getting to know them and their children, Chris and Douby, as well as develop a lasting relationship united under the common goal of making Christ known and changing the nation of Haiti.

It is a pleasure to partner with nationals who are completely devoted to seeing Haiti transformed through Christ and are devoted to preaching His Gospel. Through our partnership, Pastor Christmas and his family are able to bring the message of salvation to people of every walk of life. We are honored to work along side him and his family as we seek to make Christ known and bring hope to a broken world.





09_TopHow Haiti Changed My Life

“When I first heard about the devastating earthquake that hit the small, impoverished country of Haiti, my heart broke. However, I never thought that actually going to Haiti was a possibility. At the time, I was a 15-yearold high school girl and I never thought my parents would let me go. Despite these circumstances, shortly after the earthquake, Crossline sent out a team and my youth pastor asked me if my parents would allow me to miss a week of school in order to serve the people there. The next thing I knew I was on my way to Haiti in December of 2010. The experience was one that I will never forget and continue to think about every single day. It not only allowed me to see the poverty that ravished the country, but it allowed me to see how desperate the people of Haiti were for Jesus. The trip humbled me in ways I thought that I couldn’t be humbled and grew me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. However, the way the people of Haiti affected me the most was the way they loved without reservation, gave without a second thought, and worshiped without a worry. I need to have a faith like theirs.”

What else is Chanje doing?

Along with the Child Sponsorship program, and establishment of the new shelter, Chanje Lakay, the Chanje Movement is also teaching the people of Haiti how to be leaders and difference makers in their communities. Due to the fact that public facilities such as waste disposal, sewage treatment, clinics, libraries and parks are neglected and absent from many damaged neighborhoods and cities, these leaders are taught how to work alongside the displaced families and help restore homes and businesses in broken communities. We are also using a method called micro-credit, which gives small loans to start-up entrepreneurs to enable them to feed their families, save for the future, and repay their loans. Pilot programs for transportation and an Internet cafe have already been successfully launched.

In addition, we are working alongside experts in their fields of technology. Our goal is to bring alternative solutions including solar, wind and battery storage capacity to the impoverished communities. Special projects such as “Shine Your Light” (which would bring hundreds of stand-alone solar street lamps to a city) create greater safety for women and children in their neighborhoods after sundown, and also provide opportunities to individuals, faith communities and smaller nonprofits to sponsor small pieces of larger projects.

Finally, the Chanje Movement focuses on medical care and creating a new generation of leaders being raised up through character development, literacy, critical thinking, rhetorical speech, problem solving skills, and innovation and independence.