I will change myself, I will change my community, I will change my world

Haiti02Child Sponsorship

Your monthly contribution of $40 ensures that the child you select receives clean water, nutritious meals, education, healthcare and regular biblical input – and impacts other children in need as well.  Our sponsorship strategy provides the broadest support for these children and others who are waiting to be rescued.  The Chanje Movement partners with caregivers, community leaders and local pastors to develop sustainable transformation.  Through your support we can feed, teach and equip a new generation to bring change to their nation. For only $40 a month, you can change a life.
$40 provides clean water, nutritious meals, education, healthcare and regular biblical input

You can help feed, teach and equip a new generation to bring change to their nation


Spotlight: Zanfan Lakay

Currently, more than 60 children are living at Zanfan Lakay, a home for children rescued from the streets of Port au Prince. Beyond those children, many more homeless boys come to Zanfan Lakay on a daily basis to enjoy a hot meal or to get needed supplies such as shoes.
Zanfan Lakay provides three meals per day, clean water, medical care, education, and clothing to the precious boys living in the home. But more importantly Zanfan Lakay is a refuge where they can recover from the fear, pain, and isolation that a life on the streets has left them with. They are in a safe place where they can learn how to be children and also find love and comfort with a family.

Chanje Movement

The Beginning

In January 2010, a devastating earthquake rocked Port au Prince, Haiti. This earthquake caused the deaths of more than 250,000, the permanent displacement of more than one million, and total social, economic and political disruption. Moved by compassion, hundreds of charitable organizations, churches and ministries redoubled their efforts and began new initiatives to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people.

The founders of the Chanje Movement saw firsthand how their determination enabled them to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti, particularly the youth. Over the next three years, they became deeply involved with community reconstruction, leadership training, spiritual formation, micro-enterprise, helping orphans, and providing food and safe drinking water.

In partnership with several organizations, the vision for the Chanje Movement was born. Chanje is the Haitian Creole word for change and transformation. Our own involvement with Haiti has demonstrated how individuals with compassion for others can partner together and make an enormous and eternal difference in the world.


What began as a few simple projects in Port au Prince has grown into a network of local and international partners who together are seeing transformation in the communities and the lives of their inhabitants.

In the last year, through the Chanje Movement, thousands had access to clean water and emergency rations, 150 leaders received training, 125 youth were able to attend school, three homes were built, five businesses were launched and multiple jobs were created.

New projects in Haiti are beginning, thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers, such as the child sponsorship program. This program will rescue abandoned children from the streets of Haiti, and provide shelter and care for them. We’re eager to see the developments this year and beyond.


The Vision

Imagine the day when Haiti becomes a prosperous nation, led by women and men of character, wisdom and courage!
We eagerly seek that day and want to help develop generations of children who can build upon this dream.

Our first step toward this vision is to open another shelter, modeled after Zanfan Lakay. Every child we rescue from the streets of Haiti can be fed, educated, equipped and raised to lead a new generation.

At the start of 2013, we began a campaign to raise $50,000 to cover the entire first year budget plus the start-up costs for acquiring a property, furnishing it and covering unpredictable contingencies. As of this publication, more than $32,000 has been donated. If you would like to help bring this dream to reality, we welcome your contributions at bit.ly/2rescue.

Kathia Henry Bonhomme

We know a woman who heard Jesus say, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” She went to be with Jesus on March 23, 2012, in timing that seems abrupt to us through our temporal eyes. Kathia Bonhomme was a young, joyful wife and mother who gave her life to serve the least of these in Haiti. She and her husband Jimmy have been caring for more than 60 children in their home, in addition to their own.

Today we are mourning her loss, because so many are now without their mama, because her husband will need strength to continue to be a hero without her, because her absence leaves a hole so gaping that we can’t imagine how it will be filled. Now we have the privilege of celebrating her life and continuing her legacy. So today, though we know she is in peace, we are grieving.

Child Sponsorship FAQ’s

1. Where does my money go?
Your contribution is entrusted to the Chanje Movement, the humanitarian outreach of The Global Mission, a 501c3 nonprofit. Under our supervision, funds are spent locally in Haiti to provide essential needs for the children in our programs. We ensure that administrative expenses are kept to a minimum to maximize every dollar for the children you support.

2. How do sponsored children benefit?
We ensure that sponsored children have clean water, nutritious meals, education, healthcare and regular biblical input in a loving environment.

3. How do other children benefit?
Our stewardship allows us to build capacity to rescue endangered and homeless children who are not yet safely sheltered. Our “Next Child” sponsorship benefits these children.

4. What can I expect to receive from Chanje and my sponsored child?
Chanje will email you a quarterly newsletter and special updates on occasion. If you sponsor a specific child, you can expect to receive a note or drawing along with a thank you by mail each year. We also encourage you to follow the Chanje Movement on social media.

5. Can I become a sponsor by check? What about online banking?
To guarantee the children consistent support and keep administrative costs to a minimum, we require sponsors to use auto-pay by credit or debit card or bank transfer through our system.

6. Can I send letters or special gifts to my sponsored child?
Postal service to Haiti is extremely unreliable, and we are unable to ship or hand-carry personal gifts. However, you are welcome to email us a message that we can forward on.

7. How else can I participate? Can I visit my sponsored child?
We welcome your financial participation at any time, especially those that can meet the needs of an entire shelter (such as a generator, or a holiday party.) Visit chanje.org to designate an online gift. You can help raise funds and awareness through events sponsored by MissionsRace (see missionsrace.org.) Visits are allowed when participating with a scheduled team. Contact us for dates and an application.